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School Facilities

We are very privileged in Pres. Listowel to have some excellent facilities at our disposal. Besides the general classrooms we have a range of specialist rooms, e.g. Prayer Room used for class masses, meditation and intimate prayer services. Among the other available facilities we have:
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  • Religion Room
  • Chapelphoto
  • Library
  • Careers Library equipped with brochures and computer access to Qualifax, Careers World etc.
  • Fully equipped Art Roomphoto
  • Music Roomphoto
  • P.E. Hall and outdoor courts.
  • Two Science laboratories
  • Language Laboratory
  • Home Economics Rooms and Dress Design Room
  • Typing Room
  • Technical Graphics Room
  • Two Computer Roomsphoto
  • Fully equipped Hair Care Room used by students taking the hair care module in LCA
  • LCA office
  • Assembly/Dining Room
  • Guidance Counsellor's suitephoto
  • Pastoral Care Room where pupils may meet one- to- one with a member of the Pastoral Care team
  • Remedial Education Room
  • Tuck Shop
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