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The convent developed through the years. In 1883 the main building of the Primary School was erected. In 1942 the Secondary School was built. Both buidings were, again , paid for out of the nuns own funds. In 1967 due to the free secondary education scheme, the science laboratory and the gymnasium were built. Three further classrooms were added to the school in 1969.

The school today is housed in the original building, with a large extension built in 1985 and prefabricated classrooms added almost yearly in the nineties, to accommodate the growing numbers of girls coming to study there. Today the enrolment is just short of 600 pupils. They are taught by a staff of over 40 teachers. Early records show that the school was famous for needlework and handicrafts. Nowadays computing, debating and basketball take up more of the girls spare time than the more sedate occupations of their great-grandmothers.

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