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Pastoral Care at Pres Listowel

The school developed a formal pastoral care system in 1998 with a view to further promoting the personal and social development of students. We understand pastoral care as a commitment by the school community to listen and respond to the needs of all students. Pastoral care teachers have been specifically trained to facilitate them in their work.

Their role is defined as follows:

to teach one pastoral care class per week from the agreed curriculum
to be specifically available to students on a one to one basis once a week
to attend pastoral care planning meetings and further training.
Pastoral care teachers aim to be available, approachable, to listen to and take special interest in their particular pastoral care group. The pastoral care curriculum refers to an interactive programme of social, personnel and health education. Currently, pastoral care teachers and classes are formally assigned to first and second year students. The aim is to make it available to all students over the coming years. It is our belief, based on experience and student evaluation of the programme, that pastoral care is a vital aspect of school life, bestowing many benefits on students and staff alike.
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