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Leaving Cert Applied
It is a person-centered programme involving a more student-based approach rather than a subject based structure. It has as its primary goal the preparation of participants for adult and working life through relevant learning experiences. LCA was first introduced by the Department of Education in September 1995 and it was offered to students in Pres. Listowel in September 1996. It is a two year programme in which students are prepared for the world of work and also for most Post-Leaving Cert Courses. The course covers three main areas:

Vocational Preparation (25% of time)
This is concerned with preparing the students for working life an is organised around Vocational preparations and Guidance, Work Experience and English and Communications.

General Education (30% of time)
Subjects studied in this area include Social Education, Recreation, Irish, Modern European Languages and Music.

Vocational Education (30% of time)
This area is concerned with the development of Information Technology, Maths, Practical Skills in such areas as Catering and Tourism, Office Skills, Retailing

While certification in the Leaving Certificate Applied will not be a qualification for direct entry to third-level courses, students who successfully complete the programme will be able to proceed to many Post-Leaving Certificate courses.

For more on the Leaving Cert Applied go to the Leaving Cert Applied Support Site >>>

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