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I take hold of the knob on the classroom door,
And wonder what genius has gone before,
Into the classroom, which I enter once more,
Wondering what scholar may have trod on this floor.

I sit on the sand let it run 'tween my toes,
And wonder what battles between ancient foes,
Were fought on this strand, God only knows,
Whose bones form the sand that covers my toes

In silence I stand looking up at the sky,
And wonder about that great bird that flies by,
Does he see sorrow from his perch there on high?
Does he see what I see? Can he see them like I?

I stand for a while 'neath the soft summer rain,
And wonder 'bout the others its clear drops do stain,
Do they breathe the same air? Do they eat the same grain?
Maybe they stand 'neath the same rain.

The air that I breathe let my forefathers be,
The sky 'bove my head my successors shall see,
A thouand years hence shall they see what I see?
Shall they live ont hsi planet like He, She, You and Me?

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