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Local Landmarks

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St. John's Arts and Heritage Centrephoto
In 1990, the 250,000 restoration of the protestant church in the square in the middle of the town was completed. Today, it hosts annually approximately 160 arts events comprising of 80 Theatre presentations, 60 Music/Dance events and 20 Exhibitions.
The Garden of Europephoto
Since 1995, on the location of the old town dump, the Garden of Europe has been developed by the local Rotary Club. Over 3000 trees and shrubs have been planted in what is a unique environmental initiative and the results have been the creation of a place of great beauty and tranquility. The garden is divided into 12 sections each of which represents a member of The European Union.
The Listowel Garda Barracksphoto
Of great historical significance, not just to the town but the whole of Ireland the local Garda barracks was the scene of an army mutiny which was an important factor in determining the outcome of the Anglo-Irish war. This impressive structure still stands today as the local police station.
John B. Keane's Pubphoto
Home of Listowel's most famous citizen, the playwright and author John B Keane has a cosy pub on the town's main street. This is a very popular visiting point for tourists and locals alike.
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