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Kerry (population around 123,000) is located in South West of Ireland in the province of Munster. With an area of 1,815 sq. miles it is the fifth largest of Ireland's thirty-two Counties.

The County contains some of Ireland's most magnificent scenery. The country's highest mountains are to be found in Kerry. The rugged hills and mountains are generally found in the south and west of the County, with the central area and northern part comprising relatively fertile pasture land.

The County's location in the South-West of the country, where it is influenced by the North Atlantic Gulf Stream gives it a very mild climate with a high level of rainfall - average 66 ins. per year. We have the longest coastline of any Irish County, principally because of the three large peninsulas.

Kerry has traditionally been Ireland's premier tourist County, chiefly because of its spectacular physical features. Killarney and its hinterland is probably one of the best known tourist destinations in Europe. The Golf Courses of Kerry are some of the finest with Ballybunion Old Course recognised as the number one course in the world outside America.

There is a rich literary tradition, particularly as the northern part, Listowel and its hinterland has produced such distinguished playwrights/authors as John B. Keane, Brendan Kennelly, George Fitzmaurice, Bryan MacMahon and Maurice Walsh. Literary traditions of this area are continuing with Listowel Writer's Week Festival running continuously since 1971. A number of new authors/poets/playwrights has emerged from this area in recent years.

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