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One of Ireland's premier seaside resorts, Ballybunion is situated at the mouth of the river Shannon. It is surrounded by golden Atlantic beaches, championship golf courses and picturesque cliff walks. Visitors love to rake an invigorating seaweed bath or relax on one of the four golden sandy beaches or take a breath-taking walk along the cliff's edge. By ay the tourist may enjoy, a cycling tour, a walking tour or pony trek. At night there is always craic to be enjoyed in our many pubs and restaurants.

Sun, sand, sea and festivals galore, it cannot be denied that Ballybunion is an exciting place to be during the busy Summer months. I advise you to come at a quieter time and open your eyes to a quiet, historical, laid back kind of town.

August and September are perfect months to savour the tranquillity of the place. Schools are opening but the long warm evenings are still about. Try a walk along the beach at 8 o'clock and see the beautiful red sun along the ocean horizon.

A holiday in Ballybunion is the holiday of a lifetime.

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