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Links to the Best Sites - English
Links to essays on aspects of Irish history - the famine + the troubles in the north
Specific leaving-cert help with some useful links
Irish History
Massive site dealing with Irish history from ancient times until just after the treaty
20th Century History's 20th Century history resources Medieval History's Medieval history resources
Comprehensive world history site with interesting accounts of great battles, people from history, american history etc.
World War I Documentation archive
Documents for WWI
World War II Links
Comprehensive list of links to sites related to WWII
James Connoly
James Connoly and his role in the Easter Rising
Eamon De Valera
A comprehensive links site with links to all aspects of DeValera's life and times
Past Papers and Comprehensive Resource for Leaving & Junior Cert
Charles Stewart Parnell
A short biography of Charles Stewart Parnell
Eamon De Valera
A short biography of Eamon De Valera - good for revision
Daniel O Connell
A short biography of Daniel O Connell
Michael Collins
A short biography of Michael Collins
John Redmond
John Redmond and the Home Rule Party
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