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Links to the Best Sites - French
Excellent French learning resource for all levels
Extensive site - great for beginners with pronunciation help
Specific leaving-cert help with some useful links French
Very large links site - exercises,tutorials,tests,vocabulary,dictionaries....
Tex's French Grammar
Grammar-only site with some clear explanations of exercises
French Tests
100 Short French tests for printing with solutions
French Grammar Help Online
Good but Incomplete site - excellent explanation of the subjunctive
French Grammar Central
A lot of links to specific grammar topics
Advanced French Grammar Help + Exercises
BBC Learning - French
Take test to gauge level, then follow links
Past Papers and Comprehensive Resource for Leaving & Junior Cert
Verbix - Verb Reference
Enter the name of the verb in the box and receive it's complete conjugation
French - English Dictionary
French - English Dictionary
Search for France in bottom right drop down list for French newspapers and magazines online
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